February 18, 2016

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Chelsea Marie Marketing Consultant Boulder Co

Chelsea Marie, Founder of CMarketingBusiness.  

CmarketingBusiness is designed to help others create their business online, reach their financial goals, and live the life of freedom. I have been helping with coaching, consulting, and do it for you services. I have a bachelors degree in Marketing, a minor in Entrepreneurship and a concentration in Professional Selling. After College I was searching for my passion which always has been fitness and business. As I began to build my business in health, I began to expand my knowledge in internet marketing. Taking several online marketing courses, going to marketing events, and studying with 6-7 figure internet marketers which taught me the skill set I now help others with. I have been in the marketing industry for 8 years. I started with graphic design work, then developed into marketing in the corporate world, and advertising sales, and have finally found my spot which is internet marketing. My primary skill set within Internet Marketing is social media, graphic design, website development and design, email marketing, sales funnels, and search engine optimization. My company has been helping small business owners with projects to expand their brand and help more business owners in the industry succeed at internet marketing.

We would love to hear from you about your project, or setup a meeting to discuss your online needs. We often host online web meetings, conference calls, and interactive online demos to hear you goals and see if it is a great fit for you and your business.

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